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150k and above Earners
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John C. Maxwell
Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur

"Mario is the go to expert if you want to learn how to build a business that will give you residual income for years to come."

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Andy Frisella
Investor, Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur

"Mario is a great leader and has amazing energy, there's a reason why he leads the #1 team in the financial services industry."

"We Got One Team, 
We Got One Dream. 
I Fight For You, You Fight For Me!"

What do we teach our leaders...?

Lida Benitez
RVP and 19k Month Earner
Former Occupation: Waitress

  • Personal Development We invest thousands of dollars into mastery programs and retreats for our agents. Programs such us Tony Robbins' Mastery University, and Band of Brothers men's retreat as well as bonding retreats for our women! We want our agents to be fulfilled financially as WELL is mentally, physically, and emotionally. We do not chase riches, we build wealth and joyful lifestyles.

Oscar Aceituno
RVP and 20k Month Earner
Former Occupation: Mechanic

  • Financial Literacy : Thanks to our award winning, tried and proven paid training program; our agents become certified and confident in a fraction of the time of other companies in our industry! We lead with education first when it comes to our agents and making sure they are knowledgeable about what they are giving to families and become credible experts in the financial  world with their state and federal licenses. 

Victor Ruelas
RVP and 32k month earner
Former Occupation: College Student

  • Business Mentorship: Our business is a business of duplication. The answers have already been found, you simply need to plug them in! Our unique way of training, digital marketing tools and system; and direct access to accomplished Multimillionaire Mentors, who lead from the front with an open heart and honest goal: To help make YOU and YOUR team a success story.... creating leaders to help you run your business is only a matter of your decided time frame, because we are here to help.

We Do What's Best For Our Clients And Agents 100% of the Time

But Don't Take Our Word For It!

Do You Have an Existing Business that Already Services People?

Great! Check out how some of our Agents are using their licenses gained here, to add tremendous Value on top of what they currently offer their Clients. 

Real Estate Agents

Credit Specialist

Law Attorneys

Network & Affiliate Marketers

Business Coaches

Existing Insurance Agents

Manny Rosales,
CEO Kredit Rehab

"For over a decade we have dedicated ourselves to becoming the X- Factor when it comes to consumers being able to buy a home, car or even get a career. With 7 out of 10 people having bad credit in the United States. We know consumers out there need our service. We specialize in credit repair and have helped thousands of families delete over $3.5 Million in debt so far. We work with other professionals such as Real Estate & Lenders so that we can guide our clients to a higher credit rating and successfully hep them attain their goal. 
Working with the Arrizon Hierarchy has positively impacted our business as not only our we able to assist clients with their negative debt but also protect them from falling back into that predicament. We are extremely grateful for Mario and Franny, as they have sold us on the crusade of chasing greatness through protecting one family at a time." 

Mirna El Hazin,
Attorney & Owner of
El Hazin & Associates Law Office

"I've been an  Attorney  for over 20 years, helping many families and business owners with their legal needs. When I learned about the valuable services offered and realized not only was there limited information available out there, but a lot of misinformation as well. I was happy to join the business in order to personally help my clients, friends and family.  
As Attorneys, one would think that we all know what type of life insurance policies we should buy because we read contracts for a living. I was surprised to learn that I was not the only attorney that did not know the differences between types of Life Insurance Policies... When I presented this information to one of my attorney friends. I was able to SHOW him that the policy he had been paying for and saving money in for years was going to be depleted until both the policy and his savings were at zero! I've also, always heard the expression "Pay yourself first". But it never registered for me because as a business owner, I was always first to have the money. Unless I had a proper system set up for my retirement, the money I saved never had a chance to double or even quadruple. It is no wonder many successful business owners and self employed individuals are not properly prepared for their retirement.  
The value this company has provided me goes beyond helping families. The opportunity to work with motivated and goal oriented individuals, some of whom are earning a lot more than most attorneys make, propelled me to want more for myself both in my law practice and in my growth within The Arrizon Hierarchy. There is nothing better than having a passion or being the best you that you can be. " 

Brenda Armstrong
Founder, CEO at 
Savvy Marketing Elite

"My company helps Digital Marketers be successful making money online with different Opportunities, as well as, established offline companies establish a brand and online presence to obtain more customers and business partners. I was really great at teaching people how to generate an income online but now, I am able to educate them on the next step further, investing their money correctly and building a solid financial foundation with the money they have earned!
It's set my company aside from the rest because I can teach them how to make money and KEEP IT! I am forever grateful for not only the education opportunity but I also make more income here, than any other business opportunity I've come across!
It's rare to come across the opportunity to have access to multimillionaires in our community, let alone multimillionaires who give you their personal cell number and make it a point to know you on a first name basis and give you one on one coaching. When you're an entrepreneur, the first thing you find out is that you are who you hang around. I never would have thought I would be hanging around, WHOLESOME, championship winning multimillionaires so soon in my journey! " 

Billy Garcia, 
Former Broker of Farmers Insurance

I've been in the insurance industry for almost 15 years now, and I never came across a leader or mentor quiet like Mario! He sees things from a Birdseye view and always pushes you to the next goal or limit or milestone. When you come into this hierarchy and organization you're held to a different standard. A standard that he plays at and wins at. Mer & I are blessed to have a championship mindset instilled in us daily and we wouldn't be at the Senior Vice President position if it wasn't for the tough love and coaching that challenges to continuously stretch our field of vision so we may teach it and pass it down to our leaders! We are blessed!

When I saw the opportunity to really build and train other agents and work side by side with my wife it was a no brained for me. I saw the potential of the distribution model which blew my mind. 

Farmers has been around since 1928 and has 15k total agents... Our sponsoring firm has been around 1977 and have over 130k agents... I thought to myself I can build a Farmers in this company! This is the vehicle!

Monica Stockhausen,
Business Professor at CSUSB
Founder, CEO of 
Nerdy Girls Rock

It feels so good to work with financial advisors that are women. Michelle and Brenda with the Arrizon hierarachy, are human focused and ready to meet your needs. They advised my financial decision based off my lifestyle, never selling financial instruments I don’t need. 

I’ve worked with advisors from this sponsoring firm before, but they always seemed too salesly, but Michelle and Brenda add no pressure to you or persuade you do anything—they are there educate and help you make the best financial decisions. I have my life insurance with them at such a low monthly cost with no hidden fees, policies or sudden changes - they are transparent and real! Love these two!

Johnny Palma
Real Estate Broker
Owner of Palma Group

"My Company, The Palma Group helps families into purchasing their dream home or selling their current home. I love to help families, and when I saw the opportunity to offer more services I took it.
Not only are the families grateful for purchasing a home, but now they have a sense of security in case anything happens to them. I love that we can service families all over the U.S and also teach individuals to do the same." 

Are you new to Business and Entrepreneurship?

Awesome! Check out a few of our super successful agents who came into the industry with us, with NO prior financial education, and see what they have to say about their experience with the Arrizon Hierarchy! 

Restaurant Workers

Department Store Managers

College Students

Highschool Graduates

Truck Drivers

Warehouse Workers

Lupe Soto
Former Warehouse Worker

"I worked at a warehouse for 9 years faithfully. I treated the company like it was my own, picking up trash around the yard, coming early, staying late; and in 9 years, only called off twice. I was packing 600 orders in less than 8 hours as their top employee. Eventually I developed carpal tunnel in my hands and when the company found out I needed surgery, their treatment of me immediately changed, no matter how dedicated I was to the company, I was still disposable to them.
I Became a happy client with the Arrizon Hierarchy a year later helping my friend train to be an agent. I needed a career change so I asked about learning to sell Car insurance, little did I know I would be receive amazing training on SO much more!
They gave me a chance to be a business owner and apply my hard work and dedication to my own company.
I'm here to STAY! Mario and I have the same personality type and he will never know how much he has inspired and done for me. He came from nothing with no knowledge of the financial industry services either. I felt like, if he could do it, anyone can!"

Kortney Lievanos, 
Former Stay at home mom and Avon Representative

 "I started because of the crusade and the injustice going on in the insurance and banking industries. My sponsors didn't really tell me anything else or even show me the presentation. My husband had gotten laid off and had our last check of $1200 sitting in the bank. 
I needed $600 by the end of the month to pay our bills for at least one more month. They said they could help me make it in a week while building my OWN business.  
Threw my card at them the same night and we went same night talked with my husband and got our own insurance and he joined.  
Johnathan and I first saw Coach Mario and Franny at an opportunity night. I remember him pouring his soul out I could feel his intentions and everything. Right around that time my husband was going through some stuff with his father,  
Mario stopped and paused in the middle of the meeting and said, "Guys I don't know who needs to hear this but if your arguing with your anyone in your life, if you stopped talking with one another who ever it may be and guys more importantly your father! Stop it right now because if he isn't here tomorrow how would you feel." My husband was almost in tears and the only thing that has brought tears to him was loosing his job. I knew I found where I needed to be, to me Mario & Franny were gods calling, always seeking for the 1 that left the 99. They have impacted me in more ways than I can speak. Out of every leader I have been around I have always gotten nothing but love, hope, embrace, warmth. I KNOW I am in the right office and wouldn't have it ANY OTHER WAY! 

Frank and Michelle Nunez,
Truck Driver at Anheuser Busch
Former Regional Area Director for Bai Brands

"We loved our jobs but we had the burning desire to impact our communities and have financial freedom. We built and delivered for well known brands but little did we know that our positions were dispensable in Corporate America, no matter how hard we worked.
Being a part of the Arrizon Hierarchy, we were able to build for OUR last names; and along the way make a difference in our communities by educating in Financial Literacy.
The most rewarding experience is witnessing our Coaches Mario and Franny lead from the front and in the grain with us. Their example has given us the hope and opportunity to do the same for others."

Osama Hamad,
Former Staples Manager

"I was a sales manager at Staples for 5 years and I was so tired of working 60-80 hours a week, making barely over minimum wage. Working here with the Arrizon Hierarchy, I have a lot more time with my Wife and Kids! Not only that, Mario and Franny oversee their organization as leaders, not as bosses.
Another thing that attracted me was the winning environment! I played sports in High school and I immediately felt the championship environment. It's amazing that Mario and Franny are Multi Millionaires and have a millionaire mindset, but still treat you like a friend; and want to stretch you and help you grow to your potential." 

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